lundi 8 mai 2023

Kitchen Notes : Final Selection on Siren's Call

Les kitchen Notes reviennent avec Final Selection qui nous ont livré un album electro-pop de toute première classe, amoureux des sons et de mélodies efficaces. Quelques éléments de réponses techniques évoquant un aller/retour du matériel vers le logiciel pour finalement trouver le bon équilibre.

Kitchen Notes are back with Final Selection who delivered a first class electro-pop album, the band being lovers of sounds and effective melodies. A few technical answers evoking a back and forth between hardware and software until they found what seems to be the right balance.


Gears and software

What gears/softwares did you use for Siren's Call ?

So many years we worked on the Siren´s Call, so many Synths hard and soft we used. Here is a list of the most important:

Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus RMX, Arturia V Collection and Pigments, Korg Odyssey VST, U-He Repro 1/5, Korg Monologue XD, Novation Summit, Behringer Poly D, Neutron, Cat, Pro1, Waldorf Quantum

Your favorite gear(s)/software(s) ?

Novation Summit in hardware, Spectrasonics Omnisphere in software

Any evolution in your setup ?

Hofa IQ Series Reverb V2 was an epiphany.


Sound Design

Do you use/tweak presets  ?

Yes. Sometimes. Love and hate.

Do you design you own sound  ? On which synth/plugin in particular ? 

Yes. I love to program sounds on Novation Summit and in Omnisphere.

Personal synth story

Years ago I used synths like Waldorf Microwave 1, Microwave XT, micro q, Vermona DRM, M.A.R.S., Kurzweil K2000, Roland JX3P...And then the day came, when I thought I want to use Software only and I have sold everything. That could make things so much easier. Maybe this is right, but I missed to touch a synth. So I bought a good synth like controller keyboard by Native Instruments. But this has nothing to do with the feeling to use a real synthesizer. And then Behringer startet to create his clones. Bought a Pro 1 and was infected again. :-)

Writing/composing method

What would be your main writing/composing method ? Do you start classical rythm/bassline then arrange around it ? Do you already have structure in mind ? Do you improvise, record sessions then select ? ...

An Arpeggio or a Pad is often the starting point. Followed by a simple rhythm. Than should be come the vocal lines and the song structure.
The rest is like painting.

Producing/mixing method

Do you produce/mix in the box or do you use mainly external gears (effect/comp/eq...)

In the box.

What is your most painful / enjoyable step in track production ? Sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering ?

Most painful: mixing. Most enjoyable: mixing. :-D

Riccardo's Tips

Never mix in the night. Trust your monitors, but do not listen too loud.

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