mercredi 29 novembre 2023

Playlist Electraumatisme du 29/11/2023 - Häxan à l'Etrange Festival Clermont-Ferrand

Cette semaine, Electraumatisme propose la sélection qui a été jouée pour illustrer Häxan la sorcellerie à travers les âges à l'occasion de la clôture de l'Etrange Festival Clermont 2023 .

Deux versions de cette édition sont donc proposées en téléchargement, la complète incluant la première partie ou uniquement la sélection Häxan. Et si vous voulez tenter l'expérience avec le montage Criterion ou Potemkine, la musique commence dès le premier carton titre.

Pineal Stream - Join us
dISHARMONY - Synthetic playground
Chiasm - Cut Right Through (Mildreda mix)
In Tenebris - Morning Divide

Häxan Selection

Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows - The Oblong Box
Dusk Sunlight - Stars Under Construction
Desiderii Marginis – Chaos Undivided
Arcana - Æterna doloris
Vangelis - Heaven And Hell Part 2
Arcana - In Search of the Divine
Rosa Crvx - Eli-Elo
Hazard – Who Blew Out The Northern Lights
Dusk Sunlight - Lifeless
Arcana - Icons
Funerary Call - Upon the Heath
Sinke Dûs - Contrition
Arcana - The opening of the Wound
Rosa Crvx - Orbem
Vyacheslav Artyomov - Tristia For Solo Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Vibraphone And Strings
Raison D'être – The Verge Of Somnolence
Sinke Dûs - Stonelore
Arcana - Chant of the Awakening
Darja Kazimira - Morpheus
Archon Satani - Nailed
Arcana - Cantar de Procella
Diamanda Galas - Free Among the Dead
Rosa Crvx - Slave Crvx
Archon Satani - You will burn
Darja Kazimira - Monochromia
Dusk Sunlight - Deathless
Diamanda Galas - Tragoutha Apo to Aima Exoun Fonos (Song from the Blood of Those Murdered)
Archon Satani - Chamber ov Death
Dark Sanctuary - Cet Enfer au Paradis
Gothica - Spirits of the Dead
Dusk Sunlight - Crystallized Skin
Raison d'Être - Of Dying Relics
Memorandum – Pura Dalem (Temple Of The Dead)
Darja Kazimira - Sky Insignificance
In the Nursery - Parkgate Ironworks
In the Nursery - Audley Range School
Dusk Sunlight - Runes for the Funeral

Releases of the week:

Pineal Stream - Join us








dISHARMONY - Pendulum








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Häxan selection :

mercredi 22 novembre 2023

Electraumatisme du 22/11/2023

Retour aux affaires avec cette édition régulière d'Electraumatisme et une sacrée surprise pour ceux qui ont aimé le son DAF de l'époque finalement pas si souvent bien imité que cela.

kFactor - Wasted Time
Zweite Jugend - Liebe für alle (feat Martin Bodewell)
Total Chroma - Don't Look Back feat. Kellarissa
Dissecting Table - Illusion
Radial Rails - CBDC
Fotocopia - Foto de un caballo durmiendo en un charco de líquido rojo
Fragment - Mental fatigue
Pro Patria - To See (VTM To Hell Mix)
Cyber - Noise
CryogenY - Mass experiments
Archon Of The Fairlight - Wax and Wane (Cocteau Twins)
Seventh Image - City of Light

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samedi 11 novembre 2023

Kitchen notes : Lucifer's Aid on Destruction

En utilisant de plus en plus de logiciels et mettant un peu de côté le matériel, Lucifer's Aid revient en détail sur ses nouvelles recettes de composition et de production qui ont permis d'ouvrir son dernier album Destruction vers des horizons dépassant la "Klinik-Industrial" qui faisait sa marque de fabrique. Beaucoup d'informations intéressante dans cette Kitchen Notes.

By using more and more software and leaving hardware a little bit aside, Lucifer's Aid goes back in details on his new composition and production recipes, allowing for on opening his latest album Destruction to new horizons higher than his "Klinik-Industrial" trademark.
A lot of interesting information are waiting for you in this Kitchen Notes.



Gears and software

What gears/softwares did you use for Destruction ?

My main DAW is Pro Tools. I use it for writing songs, production  and mix. I know this DAW inside out and I work very fast with it. That is very important in the creative workflow. That you don’t get stuck in meny diving and have to figure out how to do things. It’s a very flexible and great DAW.
For Destruction I worked mainly with software synthesizers. Unlike my other albums where I worked mostly with hardware synthesizers. I needed a change in my workflow. There is an acoustic guitar and electric guitars on some of the tracks. I have no rules making music.

Your favorite gear(s)/software(s) ?

I do like the Serum and lot’s of Arturia’s soft synths. On Destruction worked with Native Instruments Battery and Maschine for drums. I work heavily on drum sounds and beats and those drum plugins fits perfect in my work flow.
I do like the Roland TR8S. It’s very creative and fast to program beats with. Analog Rytm and Analog Four sounds very good and have an awesome good UI. I don’t own the original 303 but my I use my Cyclone TT-303 a lot. The sequencer is very powerful. The Bass Station 2 is great too. It costs almost nothing and has a powerful and rich sound.

Any evolution in your setup ?

Not anything special. I do keep my studio updated as much as I can with the latest versions. I don’t work as much with hardware as before. I am very much into software these days. But that can of course change. I would like to start to explore Eurorack. It’s so flexible and you can get very lost in the creativity in the workflow. It looks like a lot of fun.

Sound Design

Do you use/tweak presets  ?

If I start with a preset sound I tweak it to fit the songs. I also use a lot of plugins to make the sound more interesting like distortion, flangers and so on. Everything that can make sounds more interesting and give them a unique sound.

Do you design you own sound  ? On which synth/plugin in particular ?

Yes. Mostly with Serum and Arturia’s synths. And Korg synths too. They are very flexible and if I have in my head I can tweak them and form them with those plugins. I work very much with layering sounds. That makes it dynamic in the songs. Some certain sounds blend very nicely together.  I sometimes sample everyday sounds. I record it in Pro Tools and there I can manipulate them. I also like to sample from movies, documentaries. Like the electronic pioneers did in the 80’s.
Hardware synth I like to work with the Bass Station 2 and the Korg Minilogue.
What inspires me a lot is the sound itself. If I hear a cool synth sound I can start to write a song from just that particular sound. The same thing with a sample.

Any particular synth history  ?

Well, in the 90’s I had the classic korg MS-20, Roland SH-09 and Juno 106. Later on I sold them for almost nothing. The MS-20 I exchanged for an electric guitar. Sometimes I do regret it. But one thing led to another and I formed bands because I sold those synthesizers and bought other gear instead. I am not nostalgic.


Writing/composing method

What would be your main writing/composing method ? Do you start classical rythm/bassline then arrange around it ? Do you already have structure in mind ? Do you improvise, record sessions then select ? ...

I often start with a drum beat or bassline. Then I listen to it in a loop and make adjustments so they blend together. I add things, delete things. Trial and error. It's a bit of a struggle because drums and bass are the main cores in my songs. It's very important to get it just right. My songs do change a lot during the process when working with them. So how they sound in the end is very different from my first idea.
I take ”pauses' ' from the song and let them rest for a couple of days. When I come back to them I usually get new ideas and angles. When in the production stage I usualy take walks listening to the song over and over again to hear what I have to change. I find it easier to listen to what I have to change when not listening to the song in the studio. It’s better for me to listen to it in another environment.

Producing/mixing method

Do you produce/mix in the box or do you use mainly external gears (effect/comp/eq...)

I mix and produce everything In Pro Tools. It’s very convenient and I have great plugins that I like to make the mixes they way I want them. I work a lot with the mixing process.  Mastering I let another guy do.

What is your most painful / enjoyable step in track production ? Sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering ?

I’d say arrangement. A song has to be dynamic and have ”surprise” moments. Sometimes you achieve that. I try to break the traditional verse, chorus structure. And to do that you have to be very focused and it takes a lot of time. But it is worth it in the end. I enjoy the mixing process a lot. There is where the songs take form.
The song gets it’s character during the mix. I listen to the mix in my AirPods outside during a walk or something. Then I come up with new ideas. It’s great not looking at the screen when reference listen to your tracks. They sound ”different” when listening  that way.
During mix it’s also where I come up with new ideas in the production flow. My songs often takes turns, change in shape during the whole process. I am not afraid to go away from the first idea of a song. The most important thing is that the song gets as good as possible.


Lucifer's Aid tips

Work hard and never leave a song that you are half satisfied with. Work, work and work with your songs. And take time to do a good mix. It’s your own creation you should be careful about.

Contact info

email :
#lucifersaid #darkwave #ebm #industrialmusic #recordingstudio

mercredi 8 novembre 2023

Playlist Electraumatisme du 08/11/2023 - Total Rougna Pawoua Part. 50

Edition rougnesque cette semaine dans Electraumatisme. Prochain podcast le 22 Novembre, d'ici là on se retrouve à l'Etrange Festival Clermont-Ferrand et spécialement le Vendredi 17 Novembre pour illustrer Häxan, la sorcellerie à travers les âges.

Radial Rails - In the system
Fotocopia - Captcha
Svaj. - It's more fun to be dead
Mesmer's Ghost - The Dark
Ortrotasce - Ignite Me
Randolph & Mortimer - Dream Hack feat. Neu-Romancer
Oomph! - Mein herz
Choke Chain - Burial
STAHLSCHLAG - Apocalypsis
Desolation Colony - Burn My Hands In Slow Fire
Petrified Entity - They Travel Through Mirrors
Survival Paradox - Succumb to Zero
Container 90 - Psycho Social Media
Diesel Dudes - Zamboni

Releases of the week

Radial Rails - Internet of bodies








 Fotocopia - S/T








Svaj. - Until We Fall








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vendredi 3 novembre 2023

Kitchen Notes : AkMD on Abstract Concept Of Mind

AkMD (Absolutely kinetic Mass Death) n'en est pas à son coup d'essai avec son dernier album Abstract Concept of Mind. Pas mal de titres et d'albums sont déjà sortis depuis qu'il a atteind nos oreilles en 2020 avec sa dark-electro expérimentale proche des canons de l’école texane (fans de Mentallo and the Fixer, si vous ne connaissez pas vous ratez quelque-chose).
Alex Kirdyashov a bien voulu nous expliquer rapidement comment il produisait sa musique, l'occasion de découvrir une solution (Nanostudio) dont j'ignorais complètement l'existence. Comme quoi, il y a toujours quelque chose à apprendre.

Abstract Concept of Mind album is not the first shot from AkMD (Absolutely kinetic Mass Death). Many releases have to produced since this project reached our ears in 2020 with its experimental Dark-electro matching the Texan guidebook (fans of Mentallo and the Fixer, if you don't know this one, then you missed something).
Alex Kirdyashov agreed to quickly explain us how he produces his music, the opportunity to discover a music making solution I wasn't aware of (Nanostudio). Saying that, there is always something to be learnd from these Kitchen Notes.



Gears and software

What gears/softwares did you use for Abstract Concept Of Mind ?

I mainly use programs like NanoStudio, which uses an interesting for me built-in virtual synthesizer, synthesizer plug-ins like DN-e1, polyphonic synthesizer MAGIX Revolta 2, a virtual version of a high-quality monophonic analogue synthesizer Korg MS20, Cakewalk by BandLab (for programming drums and percussion and adding effects to them) and more.

Your favorite gear(s)/software(s) ?

NanoStudio, DN-e1, Revolta 2 (Korg MS20)

Any evolution in your setup ?

I experiment all the time, it all depends on my curiosity.

Writing/composing method

What would be your main writing/composing method ? Do you start classical rythm/bassline then arrange around it ? Do you already have structure in mind ? Do you improvise, record sessions then select ? ...

It's always different, and there is a special structure in mind, I improvise with different instruments or melodies, or in general it all starts with just a simple sample from a film in my mind.

Producing/mixing method

What is your most painful / enjoyable step in track production ? Sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering ?

The most enjoyable step is probably putting my favorite rhythms and effects into the melodic part of the material for my albums, and the most painful step is recording the vocals, it's very rare that I can record as I planned, either I have to learn and learn or I shouldn't go on at all. I'm constantly experimenting with vocals and it's a never ending activity.


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mercredi 1 novembre 2023

Electraumatisme du 01/11/2023

L'avis de tempête menaçant de débarquer sur la région Nord-Ouest (bon courage les gars), Electraumatisme a préféré rester à la base et fignoler une édition régulière un peu plus dense que d'habitude.

Total Chroma - Such Filth
BAGGER 258 - Muskeln und Maschinen
Dead Man Sect - Now I’m Lost
Fermion - Crossing the Lines
KNULL - Spit
Signal Aout 42 - Man Woman
Anstalt - H.Int
Lucifer's Aid - Be afraid
Dissecting Table - Answer
Replicanti - Holding True
Sound Steffen - I Feign death
Night Terrors - Date Night On Union Station -Starlight Angel, Sleepless Night
Azar Swan - Shiksa
Blush Response - You Will Cry Out in Grief
Deus Ex Machina - Crisis De Identidad

Release of the week: