mardi 27 septembre 2022

Kitchen Notes : Nghtly on Il Venerdì Dell'Arte

Une rapide description des moyens et methods utilisés par Francesco Tella lors de la production de son dernier tir techno/EBM riche en textures Il Venerdì Dell'Arte dans le cadre de son projet Nghtly.

A quick description of the means and methods used by Francesco Tella to produce his last textural dense techno/EBM shot Il Venerdì Dell'Arte with his Nghtly project.

Gears and software

What gears/software did you use for Il Venerdì Dell'Arte ?

Your favorite gear(s)/software(s) and do you design you own sound  ? On which synth/plugin in particular ?

I have many personal preset created by me over the years and many of them have been used in this album.. like sylenth 1 / bazille u-he/ Serum / Massive/ Spire and more by Arturia like Jup 8.. there are all for synths..

For the drum i love 80's drums like Akai RX 10/ Roland 505 and much more...As synth i love the Roland sh101 and microkorg too.. the sounds are more intense and full-bodied. I love to use the ARP but most of the time i writer the notes manually because I feel the most personal work.


Writing/composing method &Production/mixing method

I usually start from the composing drum and then continue with synth (the drums give me synths inspiration) to create something harmonious and sensible.. i use my voice or even those taken from movies.. (60's movies). I use ambient samples by me and as effects like saturators and delay/reverbs likes the Valhalla.. I often apply them on my voice and on the ambients.. and pads.
All in my MIDI instruments like APC mini and keyboards.. about the mixes i use EQ/Compressor by the VST Waves.

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