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Kitchen Notes : mulpHia on 21 Days Later


Reprise des Kitchen Notes après une longue pause. Le prolifique Richard Viduna donne quelques informations sur ses outils de composition et production, ses méthodes particulières évoquant les années tracker à l'occasion de la sortie de son album 21 Days Later.

Kitchen Notes are back after a long break. Prolific Richard Viduna provides some informations on his production and arrangement tools, his peculiar methods mentioning the good old tracker years on the occasion of his 21 Days Later release.

Gears and software

What gears/software did you use for 21 Days Later ?

DAW is FL studio 11 for some reason rendering in 20 .. mastering in Reaper

Your favorite gear(s)/software(s) ?

Hardware .. Korg and Waldorf .. 

Software .. Fasttracker forever


Any evolution in your setup ?

from 386 to reality.. ity.. ty..ty..y....


Sound Design

Do you use/tweak presets  ? 


Do you design you own sound  ? On which synth/plugin in particular ?

MS2000, Blofeld and microQ (because have a HW) and some VSTis (for my own).

Personal synth story

8-bit Atari XE (CMC - Chaos music composer) .. and .. Fasttracker .. and ..almost everything

Writing/composing method

What would be your main writing/composing method ? Do you start classical rythm/bassline then arrange around it ? Do you already have structure in mind ? Do you improvise, record sessions then select ? ...

:) who knows ..

wine .. sweet white wine .. touching black and white, listening old Gods .. F242, SP etc. Improvise, jam session.


Producing/mixing method

Do you produce/mix in the box or do you use mainly external gears (effect/comp/eq...) ?

Ears .. render clear in FL .. mastering chain in Reaper
In the box .. sometimes external DT Vocal300 for vocals .. mostly inside

What is your most painful / enjoyable step in track production ? Sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering ?

write lyrics .. vocals :)
mastering ..

Richard's tips

DONT DO hip hop/ trance music :)

buy or die .. place for .. (Revelad

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