mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Electraumatisme du 13/11/2013

Édition standard, ce soir, Electraumatisme fait un petit tour dans l'écurie Complete Control Production dans sa seconde partie...entre autre.

Deadliner - Remote field
T.D.D. - Planet Of The Dreams (V.D. Mix)
Between the zones - Awakening (RedkiS rmx)
Outsight - Function
Cold In May - Dancing On The Glass (Elite Rework)
Severe Illusion - Human rites
Arzt+Pfusch - Plus und oder kaufmannsund
Guilt Trip - Braptism
To Avoid - Sowing the seeds of violence
tEaR!doWn - A tear falls down Part I
Object - Dead children eyes
Vomito Negro - Lethal weapon
A Industrya - Robo-otica
And One - Rosario
Kontravoid - Expulsions

Albums of the week

Deadliner - Wardenclyffe

T.D.D. - Crying planet

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