jeudi 22 mars 2012

Playlist 22/03/2012

Paranoïd - I dominate you
Principe Valiente - In My Arms
The Carapace - 08-02-2009
Fabious Corpus Act - Morality (SNTK3 Edit)
Xol Dog 400 - Baby Testing
L'âme Immortelle - Die zeit, in der die freundschaft starb
Adam Fielding - Nostalgia
à;grumh! - Kill
Close Encounters - Drifting on clouds
Armageddon Dildos - Life Like This
Cerebral Apoplexy - The night
Destroid - Run and hide (joinedit by Amnistia)
Individual Totem - Levitation (remix)
Tzolk'in - Imix (hidden forms remix)
First Aid 4 Souls - Paradigm shift (Slow death mix)
The Haters - Clici-clic

Albums of the week :

Paranoid - I Still Dominate You

V/A - Join the dark side, we have the music !

The Carapace- Moments in Time

Download :

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