mercredi 29 juin 2011

Playlist 29/06/2011

Mortaja - Last call to eden
Eternal Nightmare - Mothearth (Album Version)
Gates of Dawn - More
Sinsect - After the bomb
Jesus And The Gurus - Eisen Und Blut
reADJUST - Strong
AlterRed - The Drug Named God
Necrofix - Welcome to the Big sleep
Celluloid Mata - Frau towcmlfe
Pzychobitch - Fitter than you . vs Hanin Elias
Audio Head Cleaner - Mutagene Overdose
Architect - Ghost of a working man
Cultivated Bimbo - Wake Up Neighbour
Stendeck - Hold my hand high in the sky ready for the deep dive

Albums of the week :

Mortaja - Drown in blood

Eternal Nightmare - Mothearth (MCD)

Download :

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