mercredi 18 novembre 2020

Electraumatisme du 18/11/2020

Un peu tard, mais on fête de retour de Placebo Effect ce soir dans Electraumatisme !

Planetdamage - So Is Europe (Dexedrine)
Placebo Effect - Pain
In Absentia - Vampires
Accessvirus - Accessvirus (Edit2)
Forma Tadre - Arrogance Is The Enemy
Karger Traum - Die Tür
Chrome Corpse - The Feeling Is Mutual (It's Nothing Personal Mix)
Leaether Strip - Tin Omen
Thanacid - Lust And Nothing Else
∆Aimon - Apostatic
Seven Trees - Repulsion
Sepülchre Inc. - Celebration
Structural Fault - Rung
Sequential Access - Sleepless

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