mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Playlist 21/11/2012 - Spéciale Tympanik Audio

Une seconde partie dédiée au label Tympanik Audio ce soir, dans Electraumatisme. Donc 100% électronique, parfois abstraite, IDM et pleine de glitches.

Propaganda - p-Machinery (beta)
Uni_Form - Clair de Lune
Radio DCS - Underground
Digital Deformation - Occupy
Taxim - Pain Remains
Ghostfog - Memory Erased
Access to Arasaka - _strock()
Autoclav1.1 - Some subtle inebriation
Tapage & Meander - Tolopea
Geomatic - Shesqi
Zeller - Starship weapons kit
Displacer - In Limbo
C.H. District - Shrink
Lucidstatic - Night vision (reincarnated mix by Displacer)
Fractional - Water
Totakeke - Gift of nervous methods

Album of the week :

Propaganda - Noise And girls come out to play - A compact introduction to Propaganda

Download :

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